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The Leadership Crash Course is a professional guide to leadership that eschews theory for disciplines that can be applied in practice.

Written by Dr. Paul Taffinder, an adviser to dozens of Global 500 companies and author of the award-winning The New Leaders and Big Change, it features a self-diagnostic approach that can be used to identify each individual's qualities and propensity for leadership.

The Crash Course looks at the psychological make-up of most leaders, and describes seven leadership archetypes – both their qualities and flaws – and how they can be improved. These are: The Transformational Leader; The Enforcer; The Deal Maker; The Administrator; The Visionary; The Serial Entrepreneur and The Spin Doctor.

Illustrated with insightful personal cases and real-world examples of both success and failure, The Crash Course offers practical advice on how to:
  • Identify one's own leadership profile
  • Take on a new leadership role with rapid impact
  • Set up and lead a change initiative
  • Use influencing tactics to get action and commitment from people
  • Disturb the organizational culture in order to make things happen
  • Turn mistakes into successes
  • Mobilize staff so they are all pulling in the same direction.
  • Understand and use conflict for leadership advantage