Be a manager or a leader
Yes, there's a difference, a huge difference. And you need to make a choice about what you want to be. The world is full of managers and desperately short of leaders – real leaders. Find out more with this simple diagnostic tool.

Concentrate on the task to get it done
Question whether it's the right task
Form your own opinion, then listen to others
Listen carefully to others' opinions first
Avoid or minimize risks
Take risks
Get impatient for urgent progress
Make steady progress toward your goal
Concentrate more on the task
Concentrate more on relationships
Worry about what you haven't achieved
Take pride in what you've already achieved
Keep your excitement about the task private
Show your excitement about a task
Create adventure
Create a plan you can control
Keep your points of view to yourself
Persuade people to take your point of view
Often surprise people
Rarely surprise people