"Paul Taffinder's Crash Course is an excellent hands-on guide for leaders in the real world, facing real-world challenges... a must for every executive."
J.W. (Bill) Marriott, Jr.
Chairman and CEO, Marriott International, Inc.

"The Leadership Crash Course is a clear and lively primer on becoming a great leader. Illustrated with case studies, the book avoids excessive theory, concentrating on practical steps to creating value. Anyone in a senior position will draw inspiration from Paul Taffinder's book."
Brent Hoberman

"Paul Taffinder's Crash Course makes excellent reading for whoever wants to reflect on leadership. It is based on real-life experiences and provides valuable hints on how to improve."
Andre Bergen
CEO, KBC Group

"Paul Taffinder's Leadership Crash Course distills the elusive concept of leadership into an indispensable practical primer of realistic steps and compelling case studies."
Robin Paxton
Managing Director, Discovery Networks Europe

"This is excellent. A book that gets to the nub of critical leadership issues... really thought-provoking and insightful, even for the most experienced managers."
Tracy Robbins
EVP Global Human Resources, Intercontinental Hotels Group

Praise for The Leadership Crash Course (2000)

"Paul Taffinder has written a concise and practical guide to leadership and anyone using it will benefit from the experience."
Mark Loveday
The Senior Partner, Cazenove & Co

"Anyone who wants to be an effective leader should read this book. You will find much here to challenge your thinking and help you to develop your leadership tool-kit."
John Cotton
Director, Barclays Bank

"This book is great! An extremely well-written, easy-to-follow, practical A-Z of leadership development."
Elaine Colleran
Associate Director, UBS Warburg

Praise for Big Change (1998)

"Excellent... Spending some time reading this book could be one of the best investments you make."
Peter Ellwood
Chairman, Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI) and former Group CEO, Lloyds TSB

"Paul Taffinder has drawn together experiences with major organizations, current research and literature, and many practical and valuable resources and tips – all with a keen eye on raising the ambition for those who lead change. Rich with practical lessons, this is a must read for all organizations who are facing the daunting challenge of riding the many waves of change."
Scott G. Isaksen
President of the Creative Problem Solving Group – Buffalo, former Director and Professor, The Centre for Studies in Creativity, The State University of New York

"Great stories, great insights, great business psychology. A book that tells the whole story about why change works – or doesn't."
Professor Mark Brown
Managing Director, Innovation Centre Europe Ltd, Visiting Professor of Innovation at Henley Management College