Leading Your Organization

Many people in today's organizations rise to senior levels by being good at managing: They make things happen, they keep things moving, they deliver results, they watch costs and produce efficiencies.

But these "high-performance managers" often struggle as leaders. Regrettably, in enterprises with a preponderance of these high fliers, the organizational culture tends to fall into a spiral of being over-managed and under-led, becoming a place of navel-gazing, resistant to change and focused on the wrong strategic direction and priorities.

The purpose of The Crash Course is to help you better understand your leadership tendencies and develop the behaviors that will make you a more effective leader – not a manager. By taking the self-diagnostic, exploring the five leadership behaviors and getting to know where you fit within the seven types of leaders, you should have a good handle on where your comfort zone is.

This section challenges you to move beyond your comfort zone and apply what you've learned to the key leadership tests you face within your organization:

Setting direction
Delivering results
Building a growth culture
Improving productivity
Developing leaders