What kind of leader are you?
Dr Taffinder's research has shown that seven distinct types of leaders predominate based on different combinations of the five leadership behaviors. As a leader, you must recognize where you are strong, where you are weak, what your preferences are and what you seek to avoid, where you feel confident and where exposed, and which situations suit you best or least.

Impose Context
Make Risks and Take Risks
Have Conviction
Challenge and Change
Generate Critical Mass
The seven types of leaders depicted here offer a way to understand what your dominant pattern of leadership is and how it relates to the five different leadership behaviors. As you click on each of the seven archetypes, watch as the corresponding behaviors associated with each profile are highlighted.
The transformational leader
The enforcer
The deal maker
The administrator
The visionary
The serial entrepreneur
The spin doctor
Click on each of the seven types of leaders to the right to see how they correspond to the five leadership behaviors above.