Developing Leaders

How important is leadership development to successful strategy execution?

An organization with great leadership is obvious when you see it: It has a strong track record of achieving its stated goals; it is widely admired by competitors; and it is the first port of call in its industry for executive recruiters. Its top team keeps a razor-sharp focus on developing the next generation.

But cultivating capable successors to extend your legacy isn't easy. It requires an awareness of your own and others' leadership skills, executive education and training, and a commitment to orderly transitions. It may involve some coaching and support to expand yours and others' capabilities, resolve organizational issues and manage large-scale change.

Building great leadership in an organization needs to focus on four primary actions;
  • Communicating very clearly what leadership is
  • Developing leadership capabilities in individuals
  • Building great leadership teams
  • Establishing superior leadership processes (such as decision-making and agendas for action)