About the Book

The Leadership Crash Course
By Paul Taffinder

The world is full of managers and desperately short of leaders – real leaders – according to award-winning author Paul Taffinder. In The Leadership Crash Course (Kogan Page, May 2006), Taffinder seeks to address the shortage by helping executives develop the skills necessary to drive large-scale change within their organizations.

The highly successful first edition of The Leadership Crash Course (Kogan Page, 2000) was published in seven languages. This new edition is significantly revised and expanded, with more case studies, updated examples and a brand new chapter on the seven most common types of leaders. For each type, Taffinder describes the corresponding strengths and weaknesses and offers tips on how to improve effectiveness. The seven types with examples are: The Transformational Leader (e.g., John Browne), The Enforcer (Steve Ballmer), The Deal-Maker (Carly Fiorina), The Administrator (Fred Goodwin), The Visionary (Bill Gates), The Serial Entrepreneur (Richard Branson) and The Spin Doctor (Bernie Ebbers).

The need for leadership in recent years has become increasingly urgent and important whether in business, politics, economics or sport. Leaders in all of these areas are under intense scrutiny as never before. The Leadership Crash Course offers pragmatic advice – grounded in research and real-world examples – on how to exert greater influence. In particular, it deals with the key question for business leaders at every level — "how to create greater value for the enterprise."